Pricing and Incentives

The below is a price example of a typical residential solar electric system for the Solarize Southern Oregon program. Prices range from $4.36 – $5.75 per watt. Your installed price will vary depending on the system size, equipment and panel selection, and your sites characteristics.

Solar Electric System
(Pacific Power)
3,000-watt system price at $5.25 watt

 $15, 750   Installed cost
 - $2,250    Energy Trust incentive paid directly to installer
 $13, 500   Your investment
 - $4,050    Federal 30% tax credit
-  $6,000    State $2.10 watt tax credit taken over four years
   $3,450    Net cost after all incentives and tax credits

This example is for information purposed only. Incentives and tax credits are subject to change. Please consult your tax professional for tax advice.











Who provides financial incentives?

In the state of Oregon financial incentives are provided by:

Oregon Department of Energy

Internal Revenue Service

Local Utilities

Energy Trust of Oregon


What are my financing options?

Residential Solar Leasing: What you should know, what you should ask.